Patrick Smith

I enjoy landscape photography and creating other works of art. I seek to witness everything that is splendid in the landscape and bring it back for all to see. I go to great lengths to be in the right place at the right time to capture nature’s finest moments. I live in the San Francisco area and travel up and down the California coast and elsewhere looking for natural beauty that will inspire people to protect and save our precious natural landscape and seascape.

I also created the world’s largest blood specimen bank and wrote software to store, retrieve and link the specimens to large public datasets. In addition, I wrote a science fiction series about our future as a species.

Artist’s Statement

Photography brings the world together in a way that nothing else does. You can travel to nearly anywhere on Earth, and if you pull out some photos people will want to see them and talk about them. I spend weeks or even years trying to be in a special place at the right time, and photography enables me to take everyone along to witness those events. I hope that people will look at my images of these special places, talk about them, and work to preserve them for future generations.

Awards etc.

I no longer enter photo contests. My work has been featured in many magazines including Nature’s best, What Digital Camera, American Photography, Popular Photography and others. My photos are in many Nature Conservancy Calendars. My photos have been viewed over 100 (b)illion times. However, I create these photos and works of art because I enjoy doing it and I hope you enjoy viewing them.


The beauty of nature is all around us at all times, but there are brief moments when a combination of elements present themselves in a truly spectacular way. Anybody who is fortunate enough to witnesses one of these events will look back fondly upon the memory. And they’re even more fortunate if they happen to have a camera ready to record the event. In order to be in the right place at the right time, it’s necessary to understand the complex interactions between light, weather, landscape, the tides, plants, and animals. And it’s important to have a deep respect for this planet and its inhabitants. I hope that photography can bring people closer to nature and encourage them to preserve it for future generations.

I enjoy visiting fine art galleries as often as possible. I especially like works of classical painters such as Claude Lorrain, whose work I’m fortunate enough to see in San Francisco, that depict the landscape and seascape with that dramatic light and form that you rarely if ever see in person. That’s the sort of image I hope to capture if I can be so fortunate. I also enjoy the surreal works of artists such as Salvador Dali. Sometimes, extra long exposures can create landscapes that are part real and part surreal. It is possible that the reality of photography can never match the imagination of a talented artist, but I can hope that I will be able to capture some of that light in the real world.

Because realistic photography has it’s limitations, I create abstract works of art too. Check them out!

Thanks for looking!