Press here to learn landscape photography from the old masters of painting!

I have written a 325 page ebook about landscape photography. However, it’s not the usual sort of book containing tips about exposure time or composition. Instead, this is an overview of the history of landscape painting and what the old masters can teach the modern landscape photographer.

A great landscape painter can create images that connect directly with the heart and soul. He or she does not have to wait for perfect light or luck. So, the masterpieces contained in this book represent the ideal vision of the landscape. Their perfection is probably impossible to attain with a camera in the real world, but we can sure give it a good try!

Much of what I learned about how to photograph the landscape came by studying these paintings. So below are some pages from the ePub version of the book on my iPad. There are just over 300 pages. About half of the book is text, and half are photos of the paintings.

This eBook sells for only US $9.95. It represents thousands of hours of research and work in the field.

I’ve written a second book, the entire contents of which I’ve added to this website. See the menus to read it now online from this website.

You can buy it on Amazon if you wish to read it offline:

Inspirational Landscape Photography: 40 Images Described.