My Modern Art

One day, I began creating abstract color field oil paintings on canvas. I wanted to do something different than my highly detailed landscape photography. I’ve been inspired by traditional landscape painting for years and that resulted in the photographs I’ve made. I’ve also been inspired by the modern art I’ve seen at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which is expanding to be over 500,000 square feet in a new addition which goes up to the 23rd story of the neighboring building, on 8 tall levels.

I opened Photoshop and began to make images. I enjoy seeing the tension and feeling the effects that colors have against each other. Now I have over 200 images on my SmugMug website and will add more every week. I’ll keep the prices as low as possible. If you wish to use them for websites, you can purchase digital downloads.

Here are a few for your enjoyment. Some are meant to be pleasant. Some have tension.

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Composition 3Composition 3


Composition 8Composition 8


Composition 9Composition 9


Composition 12Composition 12


Composition 17Composition 17


Composition 25Composition 25


Composition 26Composition 26


Composition 40Composition 40


Composition 42Composition 42


Composition 78Composition 78


Composition 79Composition 79


Composition 87Composition 87


Composition 105Composition 105


Composition 108Composition 108


Composition 112Composition 112


Composition 114Composition 114


Composition 128Composition 128


Composition 132Composition 132


Composition 152Composition 152


Composition 172Composition 172


Composition 187Composition 187


Composition 204Composition 204

More to come. Touch here to see more at my SmugMug website.