About Patrick

I started doing landscape photography in 2006, uploading my photos to a photo critique and sharing website in the UK called ePhotoZine. There were many excellent photographers on that website and I learned how to be in the right place at the right time for the most dramatic views. I made many friends there. Even though I live in California, I meet up with them when they visit.

Then I uploaded photos to Flickr and Facebook. I learned a lot there too, met some friends, and went shooting with them. Then in 2011, Google announced the new social media site, Google Plus. I spent a lot of time there and had over 1.5 million followers. I learned a lot from them as well. In 2018, Google shut it down. Currently you can find me on Twitter or Instagram. I like simple interfaces.

As of September, 2020, I’m working on Gold and Platinum (chrysotype) contact printing. The prints are unlike any mechanically printed image. There is a feel of luminosity and depth you can’t get from printer output or even traditional glossy darkroom prints. Since Gold and Platinum are noble metals, the prints will last at least many hundreds of years without fading. Soon, I’ll be making a chrysotype prints using a new variation on this process invented in John Herschel in 1842.

patrick at patricksmithphotography dot com

You can buy prints on my SmugMug store.


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